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#Dukeresident Project - 2014 Gave Us More Ham…

22/01/15 Laura Wellington - Co Founder

2014 saw Friends of Ham extend their premises bringing us a lot more ham, cheese, craft beer and wine.

The project was shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Restaurant and Bar Interior Design category at the Northern Design Awards in November in addition to Pure Design Consultancy being shortlisted as a finalist in the Commercial Interior Designer category.

Already working with one Duke Resident, Refresh Interactive for the development of their website and online shop, Friends of Ham approached Pure Design Consultancy to assist with the design of the extension and concept development for their bar and charcuterie.

The brand realised the opportunity to expand and grow their business and to evolve the 'Fram' experience, a concept drawn from the 'Jamon' bars of Spain, the growing London cafe culture and craft beer bars of the USA. Full of passion, personality and expert knowledge, the new design needed to truly reflect the character of the experience, evolving the original influences and concept to focus more on the connection with the origins of their produce, which is integral to the brand's tone of voice as well as their service proposition.

Further tapping in to the pool of independent, creative talent within Duke and Leeds as a whole, was a hugely important aspect of the project. Details such as the beautiful wall murals (content produced by Known Aim and painted by Posh Fruit) and intricate laser etching (supplied by Duke Studios as well as the window vinyls and feature custom created circus style letters) adds to the unique character of the space. The new menus were also designed by Passport and photography by Justin Slee, both part of the Duke family.

The overall design puts the produce at the heart of the experience, creating a sense of theatre throughout every customer touch point. This has formed a social environment, which celebrates quality produce providing a unique experience, reflecting the passion and character behind the brand.

This article news feature was written by #Dukeresident Nicola Moxon of Pure Design Consultancy.