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2015…Get stuff done

06/01/15 Laura Wellington - Co Founder

Let us help you make your 2015 a happier, more productive year.

Working in shared spaces is a growing trend. Each year, more and more businesses are taking the step into working alongside like-minded people.

Here are 10 positives for working in a collaborative environment.

1. Be part of something bigger

All of a sudden, you have your own meeting spaces, kitchen or even a photography studio. You’re not a web developer but your neighbour is - straight away you’ve expanded your arsenal and instantly grown your network.

2. Gain more work

Being part of a larger space means jobs get passed around, recommendations get made, and collaborations are formed, all offering the opportunity for new business.

3. Grow your business

Spaces that curate their residents tend to help your business grow faster. Use the opportunities and connections to increase your turnover, improve your output or expand your staff.

4. Step up your game

Working in a space where everyone else is working in the same industry spurs you on to up your game. Other’s successes, in turn, inspire - plus it’s just not good to be seen on Facebook all day long.

5. Change your view

Get out of your spare room, that boring office box or stale corporate environment and into an inspirational, unique and fun workspace.

6. Increase your productivity

Your workspace 100% affects your productivity. Changing your surroundings will boost your creative thinking and change your mindset.

7. Be more flexible

Collaborative spaces are able to offer the full spectrum, from one day a week to a permanent space for your team. You decide how you want it to work for you.

8. Access to experts

You may well be a Photoshop whizz, but when you get stuck on a pesky excel problem, have a quick chat in the kitchen with your neighbour and the problem’s solved in no time. If you’re not an expert in something, it’s likely that someone nearby is.

9. Impress your clients

Command a better location, environment and facilities than you could by going it alone. Be proud to have clients visit your space.

10. It’s not all work

With people around you from all walks of life there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people, make friends and get involved in all manner of things that aren’t your day job.

There are many more reasons, but the only real way to find them out is to get involved and give it a go. At Duke Studios we believe we provide all of the above and more. With our current site at Munro House and a new second site in Sheaf Street opening early this year, we can now cater for a full range of creative businesses, from start out individuals to teams of 15.

Duke Studios is an open and collaborative space in the City Centre of Leeds. Based around a co-working model, Duke provide a variety of workspaces and services whilst incubating a range of companies and creatives, from the small and fledgling to the major players, and everything in between.

Beyond the responsive and vibrant environment of our workspaces, Duke is constantly evolving and striving to do things differently. Duke regularly acts as a creative agency, facilitating projects and expanding its network, providing a vital link between creative companies and a range of other sectors - making things happen in the city.

Duke operates a waiting list pool, meaning that the application process is continually open. Desk and Studio Spaces are curated and are filled from the pool to ensure the best mix of companies. We want our residents to grow with us, continually moving upwards and onwards, which means we have different spaces available at different times.

Current Availability:

Munro House –          

Coworking (Immediately available)

Permanent Individual Desk Spaces (Available from March) 

Large Studio Up to 5 (Available from February)

Sheaf Street

Currently under construction with applications open for:

Desk Rental (by the day)

Permanent Desk Spaces

Studio Spaces from 1- 15 persons (Open Plan and Private Options available)

Sheaf Street will be available for initial viewings in February and will open fully later in the year – please email to book a tour.