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BIG DISCO - The Campaign

19/09/16 Laura Wellington - Co Founder


A Duke Studios and Yorkshire Festival collaboration – BIG DISCO was an ambitious project that brought thousands of people to party under the world’s biggest disco ball.

Duke Studios worked with Duke Residents Rabbit Hole to create the identity and visual language that looked to reflect the inclusive and fun nature of the event. The guys at Rabbit Hole went over and above on the role and the brand was taken into a national marketing campaign as well as BIG DISCO streetview. We thought it was not only well deserved to document the work here for the shear amount and inginuity of it, but also to add it onto the Duke Studios website for posterity.

This was 6 months of hard work and passion for both Duke and Rabbit Hole and we couldnt have been anymore happy with all the collateral that was produced!

All of the content has been provided by Rabbit Hole. 

Identity & Visual Language

As a one off event with no previous audience the visual language needed to make an impact. Bold typography and bright colours became key tools in helping them achieve this.

Roll out

Examples of the adverts, merchandise and campaign work Rabbit Hole created.

Disco Street View Web App

The app centred around a Web GL disco ball that you could place anywhere on google maps. This was launched in the build up to the event to help spread the word. For 20 minutes of pure procrastination go here and experience BIG DISCO streetview for yourself.


Event site

The brand visual language was deployed over the site with signage, decorations and a huge amount of colour.


Images from the event by Tom Joy.