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03/07/16 Laura Wellington - Co Founder

BIG DISCO was no ordinary party,  it was different, quirky – the audience were told to expect the unexpected as things were done differently. A massive European street party - a feast for the senses. It was a street party utilising a currently undeveloped area of Leeds’ South Bank. Part regeneration project, part cultural happening, part art, part music, but all BIG FUN.

Big Disco was part of the Yorkshire Festival - a celebration of creativity presenting Yorkshire artists and companies alongside the very best from around the country and across the globe.As well as the massive party under a disco ball the size of a three-storey house for 4000, 20,000 people joined in the party across, fringe events in Leeds City Centre and Yorkshire by throwing their own Little Discos. They danced along to a winning song, chosen by the public – Donna Summer, I feel love. Parties happened beyond Yorkshire to places as far flung as Bangkok and Alaska. 

Performances were also held across the city in the run-up to the main event, with German performance artist Peter Baecker helping to get Leeds in the party mood. Peter performed a ‘one man disco’ at Trinity Leeds and at the children’s ward at St James’s Hospital, as well as making appearances in city centre offices and at a local school, which was attended by 450 pupils.

Big Disco was an idea conceived by Duke Studios born out of the need to showcase Leeds, its outstanding talent and to raise the Cities profile throughout the UK as well as across the World as well as to support Leeds’ Bid for Capital of Culture 2023.

The company that produced the Worlds Biggest Disco Ball, New Substance, have been based in Leeds for the last 12 years but have never been commissioned in their home town, when Duke Studios met New Substance and heard this, they knew they had to change that. Duke Studios worked with many Leeds based companies pre and during the event that rarely work in their City but work elsewhere across the World. Big Disco was a statement event to show that Leeds has great talent and when brought together they can make big things happen. 

As well as a Stella line up of DJ's DJ Yoda / Alex Metric / Greg Wilson / Utah Saints / Capital Breakfast Yorkshire / Foz / Mighty Mouse / Justin Robertson / Boe&Lx. There was street performers, street shows, a family zone, street food and things to see, touch, make and do. 

The performance and art line up included - Brutus Gold Love Train / LEEDS WEST INDIAN CARNIVAL  / Pop Up and Play Co / BOOMCHIKKABOOM / Stitch-Up / / Peter Baecker / Wet Picnic / Stefano Di Renzo / Plunge Boom / Yorkshire Life Aquatic / Dave Sharp's Art / Berliner Pilsner UK artists / Duke Studios / Rabbit Hole / Lord Whitney / Box-head* / Lee Goater