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Duke Pay it Forward - Young Rewired State

20/01/15 Laura Wellington - Co Founder

We are very happy to announce that as part of our Pay it Forward scheme, we will be supporting Young Rewired State’s Hyperlocal project through support, connections and event space hire at Duke Studios.

Young Rewired State is a worldwide community of coders aged 18 and under. The organisation behind Young Rewired State introduce them to like-minded peers, and expert mentors, at free events around the world, where they use freely available open data to build apps, websites and algorithms to solve real world challenges.

Once a year Young Rewired State host a Festival of Code, which takes place every August, the week long Festival brings over a thousand kids from the UK and abroad together to form teams, build amazing things and compete for awesome prizes.

Young Rewired State wanted to extend the Festival into year-round meet-ups at centres across the UK. They provide tools, resources and confidence for the young coders to realise the amazing potential locked inside their digital skills, and we are very happy to be the Leeds Centre alongside Sheffield, Newcastle and Carlisle in the North.

The first Young Rewired State Event will be this Saturday from 1-4 in Duke and you can register here. 

The Young Rewired State brand was designed by Duke Residents Hungry Sandwich Club , they will be attending the event as mentors on Saturday as well as Laura Wellington and James Abbott Donnelly, the founders of Duke Studios

Duke Studios Pay it Forward.

Duke Studios has been supported throughout its development and we like to pay it forward to ensure that we support individuals and companies in their good stuff endeavours.

What do we support?

We support one big event/project per year and small projects monthly. 

We offer:

Access to our network
PR and marketing
Our in house services

If you would like to apply to be part of the Duke Pay it Forward scheme please email