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31/07/18 Fran Bundey - Community Manager


Duke Residents Rich Daley - Fish Percolator, Hungry Sandwich Club and John Stanyon worked alongside the Urban Sustainable Development Lab (USDL) on a project commissioned by Leeds City Council to find a solution to social isolation in Leeds.


In an article by apolitical the project is nicely outlined - ‘ “We knew from peer-reviewed data that there were hundreds and thousands of chronically lonely and socially-isolated people with basic unmet needs,” said Jonathan Hindley, an Advanced Health Improvement Specialist at Leeds’ public health team. But while “there’s a lot published on what to do when you find somebody who’s socially isolated”, Hindley said, there is “scant little” information available on how to find them.’



The result was Careview - an interactive app and map designed to look for links between social isolation / loneliness and things that can be observed when walking through a neighbourhood. From closed curtains, to build ups of rubbish. By creating this app it has allowed a much more effective gathering of data, greater sharing of information and fundamentally - help - in all the right places. It has gone from 1 response in 100 leaflets, to as many as 47 to 100 in an identified area. This type of project really makes us proud of the city we live in, and the people that work in it.


Pooling the collective Duke creative resources, Rich Daley - a member of USDL wrote the code, got John on board with the design elements and watched with joy as Hungry Sandwich Club pulled together some magnificent animations.


The case studies coming back from the project so far are hugely positive, heartwarming and proving a real success. The Public Health Localities and Primary Care Team of Leeds City Council have been very kind to share a few with us. These identify direct results from targeted leafleting/visits through the app itself.

Ranging from community outreach, knowledge exchange plus awareness and bonds being made between neighbours. Elderly people have been able to join groups, access care, gain financial advice, heating and become part of community groups. Other individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, health issues or language barriers have also been able to identified, contacted and assisted.



It is a really exciting for us to see a project come together that showcases residents across our workspace and what they can achieve as a collective- creative industries with a heart. It also shows us what can be done when all the different industries, companies and individuals come together to make a positive impact on the city we live in. A special thanks to Rich Daley for sharing this project, the article by apolitical here and Jon Hindley from Leeds City Council for sharing the case studies with us.