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12/01/15 Laura Wellington - Co Founder

Yesterday we did a second Sunday #Sneakpeek #DukeSheafSt over on Instagram. Here you can see the progress of the building works. Sheaf St will have spaces for 1-15 ppl, meeting spaces from 6-25 and an event space with a capacity with around 250 (still TBC). Email if you would like to book a viewing once the space is less of a building site. We will be doing another sneak peek in a few weeks so follow our Instagram account to see that in real time. 

The main space downstairs at the beginning of the sandblasting.

Main space downstairs at during the sandblasting - the spaces through the arches will be meeting rooms.

The attic space after a brief sandblast with the Rabbit Hole guys checking out their new home.

The old toilets upstairs were ripped out and we will have shower facilities in here.

The 4 spaces upstairs have all been stripped back ready for refurb.

Just after it all started to look better it had to get worse... The roof has been fully replaced and this is when it all got a bit apocalyptic looking.

Rickety dividing walls upstairs have been taken down.

 The old stairs upstairs - to be reused... The main carpenter is so good he has reused most of the wood from various parts of the building to rebuild in other places - Very talented Guy!

The attic half way through getting all the velux windows put in.

The main space downstairs, old toilets out, floors dug up and walks knocked down to change entrance ways and make space for new toilets.

Parts of the attic flooring was replaced - the bits that had gotten a bit unsafe in its 109 years.

Half of the wall in the meetings spaces had to be knocked down and rebuilt.

The walls in the Garage also had to be rebuilt.

When the floor in the meeting spaces was redone they uncovered the old furnace from when it was an iron works.

The attic was insulated, plastered and painted and this is just as the balustrades were starting to be built.