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Interview with Duke Resident Jen Allison

22/02/15 Laura Wellington - Co Founder

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jen, a digital copywriter/social media manager/part-time photographer and blogger. Yes, that is my actual job title.

My job is to develop brands’ online presence, whether that’s through improving their website, creating content for their social media channels or connecting them to online influencers. I work mostly in the ‘lifestyle’ industry - fashion, beauty, travel and entertainment. Which is very nice!

What brought you to Duke?

I met Laura many years ago at a ‘Cultural Conversations’ event in Leeds. We kept in touch via Facebook so when Duke first became ‘a thing’, she posted about it and the video she shared popped up on my timeline. It’s a story for the digital age! 

I’d been working freelance from home for about 8 months at the time and was slowly going mad, so I pinged Laura a message and arranged a visit. Duke was only about half finished back then - there was no kitchen, the co-working space didn’t exist and there was only one other person on the desks. But I was sold immediately and signed up for my spot right there and then. 

What are you working on at the moment? Or what things have you done recently that you are proud of?

I’m currently working with ITV which is a brilliant experience. Meeting Peter Andre is a genuine highlight of my career! But I think my favourite achievement to date would be the three seasons I did at New York Fashion Week with Diesel, curating their social media coverage and snapping the models as they came down the catwalk. 

What are you going to/doing/seeing in Leeds at the moment? Or is there something you are looking forward to?

I think food is really having 'a moment' in Leeds right now. I can’t wait for the Leeds Indie Food Festival in May, and I’m enjoying working my way around all the new eateries. Particular faves are Zucco in Meanwood and Patty Smith’s at Belgrave.