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16/06/17 Amy Balderston - Community Manager


Natalie Woodhead


What do you get up to down at Duke Studios?

I do copywriting, brand strategy, naming and tone of voice for all kinds of brands, usually in partnership with design consultancies as Nat for Words. When I need a break, I’m drawn through to Grub & Grog, Bisto kid-style. I can’t resist their lovely food. They do a beautiful G&T at Sheaf Street Cafeteria too, of an evening.



What brought you and what do you get out of working at Duke Studios?

I joined Dukes as a new freelancer about three years ago because the novelty of rolling out of bed at 08.57 to start work at 09.00 had quickly worn off. I needed to be among other likeminded people and feel part of something. I love Duke’s social scene and the sense of belonging it brings – exactly the things that freelancers often miss out on.


How did you end up in the world of copywriting?

I always knew I was going to be a writer; it was just a matter of finding the right avenue. I tried journalism but it wasn’t creative. I tried publishing but the money was nuts (in a bad way). Then while I was living in London, a friend introduced me to something called a ‘copywriter’. I got myself some work experience which soon became a job offer, and it all flowed from there.  

What are you working on at the moment / any recent projects you would like to shout about?

Right this second, I’m working on the global rebrand for a famous single malt whisky, and helping a US food company with its brand values and tone of voice. I’m working on ad campaigns for Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I’m writing a lot of short movie scripts too, and just finished one for the Arla dairy brand. I love the variety I get.


Tell us about your favorite thing to do in the Yorkshire!?

I live a short drive from the Dales so I’m often in the countryside. I also love the city, and it’s brilliant that Leeds is getting better and brighter by the second. I especially love The Everyman Cinema, the Victoria Gate mall, and Pac-Manning my way round the new eateries that are springing up almost daily – favourites are Caravanserai, Tharavadu and Bundobust.


What’s your best joke?

Bad puns. That’s how eye roll.