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Duke Studios is a creative bunch with planners, plotters, designers and makers. We have the skills and the tools to make pretty much anything. From the smallest of ideas to the biggest of projects we use our diverse in-house team and extensive networks to design and build exactly what you need.

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Leeds beckett design stand


The whole of the Duke Studios space has been designed and built by our in house team, so we're pretty au fait with all things design. Below are some examples of the creative endeavours we have undertaken in the past. As with all things Duke, we strive to do things differently, with a high level of creative output. So, if you have a fun project that you'd like to bring to life, or a quandary that requires a creative solution, then please get in touch.

Theres nothing that we can’t provide for the Creatively Inclined.

A few examples of things we can do:
Custom Artwork
Exhibition Stands
Corporate interior details
Commercial interior design
Basically if you need anything creative get in touch; if we can't do it we will have someone in our network that can

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