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Our Motherfrickinlaser has a 900mm x 600mm bed size and is capable of cutting and engraving pretty much anything except metal. We can help you turn your designs or ideas into reality.

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How we Work

If you have an idea we can work with you to make it a reality. Whether you have worked with a laser cutter before or not, we can help you through the whole process to create amazing professional quality results.

Our machine is pretty clever it can Cut, Kiss Cut and Engrave. These processes can be combined with a whole variety of materials, in endless combinations to create many exciting things.

Laser Pricing

Service Work - is quoted based on a case by case basis:
To accurately cost for a job we need to load the design file to see how long it will take to produce. Prices will vary depending on the materials involved and the effects desired.
We offer discounted rates for large production jobs and 10% Student Discount.

Delivery – from £5 or free collection

Please note, Duke Studios is now a cashless venue and will only accept card payments for all services.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting works by firing a very high-powered beam of light that effectively burns its way through the material.

Our machine can cut very accurately and in great detail with beam width of just 0.4mm. It can be used to cut all types of material except metal up to 10mm thick.

Kiss Cutting/Scribing uses the same process as regular cutting following vector paths but with less laser intensity allowing detail to be added quickly to the surface of a material.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving can etch a design into the surface of a material or pre existing product. A bit like your printer at home it runs from side to side to build up an image line by line but instead of laying down ink the laser vaporises the surface material.

We can etch with a high level of detail and vary the depth of the etch too. We can even etch some materials that we are unable to cut such as glass, slate and coated metals.

Design Files

We can get started from pretty much any file. However if you can supply us with a correctly drawn one it will mean there are no setup costs. The best software to use is Adobe Illustrator, ensure all lines are ungrouped and released and are single paths. We prefer .AI files but can work from .EPS and .DXF files.

We have a handy template guide you can download to get you started and use to submit your files to us.

If you can’t produce the file yourself that’s no problem, we can draw everything for you. We can start from a .jpg image or even a hand drawn sketch.

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Materials we can Laser Cut

Fabric (except PVC)
Slate (engrave only)
Glass (engrave only)

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